Sell Diabetic Test Strips for Cash

It’s fast, free, and easy! It’s never been easier to get paid for extra strips you have sitting around!

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How it works

1. Confirm Your Boxes

Confirm that the boxes you have are sealed, free from major damage, and qualify for our program.
We accept multiple different brands. See a full list below.

2. Mail Your Strips

You will receive a prepaid mail-in kit in 3-5 business days. This kit includes everything you need to ship us your test strips. Package them up and attach our prepaid label.

3. Get Paid!

Quickest payments available! In most cases you are paid the same day or next business day your strips arrive at our office. We update you every step of the way.

Order a kit, ship your strips, get paid!


What We Pay

Box Condition

Please make sure your test strips are in acceptable condition. Our box condition guidelines are located in the FAQ section at the bottom of our site. Unacceptable boxes will not be returned. The prices below refer to boxes dated past 1/2024 (10 Months+ from expiration date). Earlier dates, from 5-9 months, are %50 of the listed price. Boxes set to expire before 5 months are not eligible for our payment program but can be donated.


We accept donations for test strips that do not qualify for our buyback  program. These strips go to diabetics in need. Please include these in the package and mention that they are donations in the “NOTES” section of your order.

Order a kit, ship your strips, get paid!


No, we do not pay for opened boxes.

No you do not. Please leave them on so that the boxes aren’t damaged in the process. We remove them and shred them in-house. If you want to exclude your info, please carefully mark it out with a felt tipped sharpie (being careful not to mark the box)

On most occasions, we will pay the same day we receive your strips at our office. Paypal,Zelle,Cash App,and Venmo payments are usally same day but there could be a 1-2 business day delay depending on order volume. Business checks are isssued the same or next business day we recive your test strips and take 5-7 business days to arrive.

Please Check HERE for our current price list. If your brand isn’t listed send us a message at support@teststripbank.com for a custom quote.

Yes! Diabetic test strips are an OTC product and there is no regulation on the resale of OTC products.

Boxes in these conditions we can accept at %50 as long as they are sealed; rips/non-blood stains with a total area smaller than a dime, slightly crushed boxes, partially obscured but still legible expiration dates, or exp date 5-9 months.

Boxes that we cannot pay for are; boxes with any type of stains/marks, opened/unsealed boxes,boxes with rips with a total area bigger than a dime, any brand that isn’t on our price list,  very smashed/crushed boxes, boxes with damage to the seal of the box, boxes that the expiration date is expired or set to expire within less than 5 months.

Please confirm the condition of the boxes are you sending in before sending them. We will not be able to return boxes that do not qualify for our buyback program and they will be donated.  We encourage you to educate yourself on the conditions we accept before filling out a form to avoid this.